Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 26, 2015

  I know what you mean by a mission is hard now. It´s only been a week and I get it, at least a little bit, now. But yeah, the hardest part is definitely learning the language. And the hardest part about learning the language is forgetting all the French I know. I keep trying to say things and they come out in French and it´s just super frustrating to me because I´m used to being really good at language classes and in school in general.  I am the only one in my district, I feel like, who is having a really hard time with the language. 
The CCM (Mexico City MTC) is awesome. The workers are great and SUPER nice when it comes to speaking Spanish slowly so that us Americanos can understand what is going on. Ha ha ha. The spirit here is awesome. It´s kind of weird being surrounded by a bunch of missionaries though. But I love it. 
The food is good. They usually have a few choices to choose from, and you can choose to have beans and rice or not! So I haven´t had the beans and rice yet. That will come soon though, I feel like. I get to have fruit here at EVERY MEAL!!!!!!!! It is so awesome. My stomach has handled it a lot better than I thought it would. 
The plane trip was fine.  It was adventurous getting to the CCM on the bus. Ha ha ha. The traffic is insane. I don't think that there are any lane lines and they drive like bumper to bumper going like 40 mph. It's crazy and I seriously think I am going to die whenever I go out. Which has only been once to go to the Mexico City temple open house.
    Here is a quick rundown of my week:
There were three other Elders and one other Hemana on the Phoenix flight, then in Houston we met up with like two other Elders and one other Hermana. One of the Elders is in my district, and is even going to Juarez! His name is Elder Gardener. 
After we landed in Mexico, we couldn`t find the person who was supposed to pick us up and that was freaky. None of the numbers worked when we tried to call the CCM (MTC). We got to the CCM at like 8 and then had to hurry and get our packets with the map, our schedule, our house keys, our name tags, and everything like that. My companion´s name is  Hermana Banisch and she is from Colorado. She is a convert to the church and super awesome.
Classes started. I met my teacher and we got a tour of the CCM. I´ll send pictures next week. 
Classes started. I met my teacher and we got a tour of the CCM. I´ll send pictures next week.
I TAUGHT MY FIRST LESSON IN SPANISH!!!! Mostly I just read from the pamphlets that the missionaries use, but still. That was probably the hardest thing ever. I had more classes and more orientation. It finally hit me that I was away from home and couldn´t talk to anyone that I knew and that was hard.
Even more orientation. Seriously, this whole first week has felt like one orientation after another. 
Sunday was awesome because I got to take the sacrament. They say the prayer in Spanish and three of the talks were in Spanish. But then three were in English so that was cool. Relief Society was in a room that is kind of like the lecture all in the PAC. We watched a devotional by Jeffery R Holland that was AMAZING. Every Sunday we also get to watch a movie. Haha. This Sunday it was How Rare a Possession. 
Basically the same as every other day except there was only one more orientation thing that I had to go to. I worked out at the gym and that was fun. We are required to do so for an hour every day except for Sunday
I got to go to the Mexico City temple open house this morning and it was beautiful and HUGE. There are four floors and like 12 sealing rooms and the endowment room could probably fit about 100 people. That´s insane. 

My P-day will usually be Wednesdays but tomorrow Elder Christopherson is coming so they changed it to today. I´ll send pictures next week. 

 Hermana Blackham

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