Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13, 2015

(This first paragraph is in response to my question about her health)
I´m feeling pretty good. Last week I went in to the doctor because my cough started getting worse and it was coming more from my chest. And it turns out I had a small thing of bronchitis! I got medicine for that and am feeling a lot better! My asthma acts up a lot because there is a constant change of weather. It will be hot and sunny and rainy all in the same day and sometimes it lasts for a while, but, I´m doing just fine. The doctor also gave me a cough suppressant that works really well.

Something cool happened this week. So, for some reason all of my french started coming back to me this past week and most of what I have been saying has been French and not Spanish. But then I got the prompting that God cares about me liking French. And that my remembering all my French was His way of telling me that he knows I´d rather be speaking French. And that when I get home, I won´t lose any of the French that I had learned.  It was just really cool. 

Spanish is coming little by little. I learned the difference between por y para this week. Which is confusing and I´m not sure if I totally understand it or not. Haha.
Another funny story! During companionship prayer before going to bed recently instead of saying "bendicenos con bueno sueño," (bless us with good dreams),  I said "bendicenos con bueno suerte." (bless us with good luck) So I asked for good luck and not sleep. That was funny :) But it is through the mistakes that we learn!

So in my zone, we have this thing where we "33" people. Page 33 in the White Bible (the rule book)  is the page that talks about not flirting with others. So, like anytime anyone talks to another person of the opposite gender who isn´t a part of the district/zone, we call out 33. It is hilarious. 

Nothing has really happened all that much here since last week. We had to go get our visas taken care of today   (Thursday) which is why the p-day got switched to today. But all is well. Next week it will be on Wednesday :)

Pictures from my trip through Mexico City to get my Visa.

the bench was just amusing because it had a cut out of a man on it. haha :)

Statue I saw on my way to get my Visa

The taxi is called Iron Man taxi because of its colors :)

Statue I saw on my way to get my Visa

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