Sunday, November 8, 2015

September 16, 2015

It is Mexican Independence day. Last night was crazy. Everyone was shooting off fireworks and guns and playing music and just partying. Getting to bed was a little hard. But this morning we went to the temple and that was super cool! All the streets were like empty and we got to the temple faster than we probably ever will. Haha. 

This week for me has been super awesome and full of spiritual experiences. We got to watch the Mexico City Temple cultural celebration and then also the temple dedication. I don´t have my notes on me but I´ll tell you more about that next week. I know that the Lord is always aware of us and is always helping us, even when we can´t see it. Sometimes it takes years before we see how His hand has been apart of our lives. 

I love my district! They are seriously so awesome. Every companionship has similar personalities and that is awesome. Haha. We all get along really well, and I hope we all stay in contact. My companion is going to Chihuahua, so the mission below mine. And I haven´t met any sisters going to Juarez yet. If there is another one, she will be a Latina.

Tell Nonnie that I am praying for her and that some other sisters in my zone are also praying for her. That sounds really painful and I wish I were there to help take care of her but I know I can do more good being on a mission than being home. :) 

I don´t have any pictures today because we literally spent all day at the temple. Sorry there isn´t much to say, but all my days kind of blend together and I do the same thing like every day. Tell everyone I love them!

Hermana Blackham

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