Sunday, November 8, 2015

October 19, 2015

Health wise I am feeling fine. My asthma has bothered me a little bit but that is to be expected with the weather changes. My allergies are horrible. And I hate them. But they are only really bad in the mornings. Thankfully my stomach hasn't bothered me at all with the food. Thank goodness for tender mercies! We usually have lunch at 2 with members and the members feed us every day except for Monday. It is really rare for us to go a day without members feeding us. We are usually home right around 8:45.

So, this week I went on exchanges again!!! AGIAN! Haha. The first day I was with someone named Hermana Robles and the next day I was with Hermana Hale. Hna Robles is from Mexico and I still don't know how I am able to communicate with the Hermanas who don't speak english but somehow it works. Haha. Hermana Hale is from Utah and that was a really fun experience. In the casa that night there were 4 americans! That is crazy because there  are only like 10 American sisters in the whole mission!

This week I was able to go to a baptism and that was cool. And different than how I am used to it haha. But it was good. I could understand (basically) everything that was going on because it was pretty much the same! The only different thing is that I think we make a bigger deal out of baptisms in the US. Not sure though. I will get back to you on that in November because our next baptism is for Oct. 31! And that is for one of my investigators named Teresa! Yay!

I love you mom!

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