Sunday, April 10, 2016

December 7, 2015

Hola mi mamacita!
I've been able to laugh about the music thing so that's okay. I will just wait como 6 meses. I get a new mission president in June. Haha. 

(This is in response to a question about how we will Skype with her for Christmas.) Also, for the Skype, I don't know yet. I kind of have to see if I am going to be transfered to a new area. I think I will be able to call you both separately but I don't know. I think I will only have like one hour total to talk to both you and dad, so 30 minutes each.
(This in response to Gaylene's car having been rear ended really hard but not being damaged.) That is so awesome about the car! Sometimes it takes something big for us to realize the help of the Lord in our lives. I don't have much time but know that I love you! Also, the packet! (Referring to a package sent to her about a month previous that still hasn't made it to her.) It is in Mexico somewhere, pienso que es en customs still. You can look up the tracking number and find out why though! Pero si.

 I love you!
Hermana Blackham

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