Sunday, April 10, 2016

January 25, 2016

Here is a secret for you (that isn't really a secret). I am really bad with last names here because everyone has like cinco. Really it's only two. But sometimes it feels like five. Haha. So I don´t remember thier last name. But right now we are just teaching the daughter and the mom, Ester and Valeria. 

Believing fearlessly is going to be something that I will definitely be striving for this week. Haha. We are going to be focusing on contacting in the streets. My mission president put a rule that we can´t visit any members this week (including menos activos y recent converts). We can still go with member for the comida but for lessons, we are only allowed to visit investigators. Which will be interesting. My zone did this two weeks ago and it was a little hard. Just because we don´t have many investigators. Which is one of the reasons that we are doing this, to focus on finding investigators. 

Also, this week, it has amazed me again how much I love the scriptures. And I feel like I am rediscovering everything in the scriptures, especially the New Testament as I am starting to read that in Spanish. Because I know all the stories in English. But reading them in Spanish is like reading them for the first time. And it is awesome.

I´m doing good health-wise. I have the energy that I need for the days (even though sometimes I day dream about coming home just so that I can sleep. Haha). Mostly that happens when the alarm goes off. But i'm doing good. I really am getting enough sleep, my bed is just really comfortable. Haha. It is starting to warm up a bit. However, there is a lot of wind which makes it really cool. 

(Hermana Blackham's opinion on a new way to analyze yourself spiritually is asking 1. Where is Christ? and 2. Where am I?) I love the comment, where is Christ in the story, and where are you. I feel like that is what Chapter 5 of Alma is all about. You should go read that chapter with those questions in mind because it will blow your mind. Haha. 
I love you mom!  I miss you!


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