Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happy New Year

(In response to ending the skype call) Hanging up was really hard for me. But in 5 months we get to talk again! So that is good! Also! If you are going to send me a package, you can send it to this address:

Mexico Ciudad Juarez Mission
700 N. Zaragoza-North 188
El Paso, TX 79907

It started snowing on Saturday, at around 5. And it did not stop until like 9 on Sunday in the morning. On Sunday we weren't allowed to leave the casa so I did the puzzle! (She received a puzzle in a package) And that was fun! I really enjoyed that :) I miss doing puzzles with you! We also played Uno and LeftRightCenter and Phase 10 with the other Hermanas that live across from us. But I did not like being in home all day. At home I love days at home but here in the mission it is not that fun. Because you can't really do anything! 

We don't really OYM ("Open your mouth" with people on the street as opposed to those who are already investigating the church) very much. I'm working on that. There really aren't very many people that are outside in my area so that is a problem, too. But yeah. 

I forgot to tell you about Hermana Clara! She is like my grandma here on the mission :) She is a recent convert (she will have a year in March). And her two grandchildren are around my age, and were baptized the weekend before I arrived. But she is always feeding us when we go and visit her and she is lending me yarn and kneedles to make a scarf. Haha. She is so awesome and I love her!

This morning I was reading in 1 Nephi. We just started the Book of Mormon over again. And in chapter 17, verse 51, it says something interesting. In spanish, it says "el Senor tiene tan grande poder, y ha hecho tantos milagros entre los hijos de los hombres, ?cómo es que no puede enseñarme a construir un barco?" And I really like this verse because a lot of times we think that it has to be something super big that we need help with for the Lord to help us. Also, something interesting here is that Nephi did not expect the Lord to just have a boat appear. He knew that he had to work but he also knew that the Lord would help him. And I can't explain very well in writing my thoughts on this verse but I love it.

I've also learned that the Lord answers prayers in the best way possible, if they are earnest. As I said, we started the Book of Mormon over again. And this time, I am reading it in Spanish. And I still don't understand everything. And the first day that I started reading in spanish, I prayed for understanding of the scriptures. And I had understanding. But I've learned that I really have to mean what I am asking for. My prayer can't be routine. It can't be 'oh i'm studying the scriptures, I'll ask for deeper understanding'. If you want something from the Lord, you have to REALLY want it, and you have to REALLY ask for it. 

There aren't many stories from this week haha. We didn't have many lessons and had like three days where we had 0 lessons (Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Sunday). I'll have a story for you next week though! :)

 I've felt so much comfort from Jesus Christ that it is ridiculous. I KNOW that he knows exactly how I feel about everything and that He is here to help me through EVERYTHING. No matter how small the thing is. Because if something is bothering you, even though it doesn't bother others, it bothers the Lord too. And I don't know. I'm just learning that it's really the small things that make the biggest differences with us, and with our relationship with the Lord.

I love you mom! 
Hermana Blackham

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