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November 16, 2015

Hola mi madre!

I don't really get to work with children a lot which is really sad. But that is okay. I see kids all the time, and one of my investigators has three kids. The youngest is crazy and I have never seen a kid with so much energy which is saying something because I have babysat some crazy kids before. Haha. But he is cool.

Also, I cannot wait to eat your cookies when I return. Haha. Hermana Herrera was asking me today what we usually do for christmas and that made me miss your cookies and your cooking!

I've learned the importance of sacrificing willingly. It really is so much better to sacrifice willingly. It blesses you so much more and it makes you so much happier. I've learned this week that everything we are ever asked to do in the church has to be done with ALL of everything. Nothing in the church can be half way. And that is just interesting to me. If we are serving, it needs to be with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. If we are teaching, if we are persevering to the end. Everything needs to be done with our all. Which is exhausting sometimes but it will make the reward so much more worth it in the end. 

This week we had a baptismal day set but that is going to be switched to next week. Which is kind of sad. The investigator's name is Alfredo. He went to visit his parents for like a week and a half so we couldn't teach him at all and we still have to teach him lesson 4 (The Commandments). 

Something crazy. My companion was telling me of a missionary who served in El Salvador in her area with the last name Sevy (Sevy is Ely's paternal grandmother's maiden name and the last name of an ancestor of hers who lived in the Juarez area as a pioneer) . Crazy, right? BUT IT GETS BETTER! Elder Barraclough, who just got transfered into this area, has a friend with the last name Blackham! And both the Elder Sevy and Elder Barraclough's friend live in AZ. Crazy stuff right there. 

It is pretty cold here. It really isn't all that hard anymore. I know that I am needed for something here and that makes it easier for me. While I would love to be with you all right now, I don't want to leave my mission any more. For so many reasons. Sometimes when I think about the immediate future I start to get anxious just because I don't know what is going to happen and I like knowing plans. So I take it one day at a time. And the weeks are starting to go by so fast! It is crazy. I already have 3 months in the mission and two transfers and it is just insane.


Hermana Blackham

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