Sunday, April 10, 2016

November 22, 2015

This week was absolutely crazy. Hermana Herrera and I had to go to the offices four days in a row, from Martes-Viernes (Tuesday-Friday). And when we go to the offices we have to wake up 45 minutes earlier to get to the offices on time. So we had four days of early mornings. And then meetings always mess with our schedule for lessons because there are a few people that can only really be seen at around 1, and our meetings don't even end until 1 and then we eat lunch at 2. So this week was a little discouraging because we didn't have many lessons. 

But, at the same time it was a good week because I am being able to participate in the lessons more. It still isn't perfect but I can contribute and my companion isn't doing all of the work. Which is good. Haha. 

We did not have the baptism this week, and as a matter of fact, our investigator disappeared!!! I'm not even joking. We made an appointment with him on Sunday and then he never showed up and then his phone isn't working either! It's really kind of weird!

We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here at all. Which is sad. Haha. But that is okay. Sometimes I forget that Thanksgiving is more of an American holiday. 

Hermana Blackham

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