Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 21, 2016

This week has been really good. Opening an area really is not the easiest thing to do, especially when the streets don`t have the street name posted and most of the houses don`t have a house number. A few of the investigators don`t have an address, only their phone number and we didn`t have credit on our cell this week! It has truly been an adventure. The good thing is that the members here are fantastic and willing to help us out whenever they can. 
There was one day this week where we had like nine lessons planned. None of them actually happened. Haha. The lessons we did have were unplanned but they were good. But the good thing is that we were able to contact a lot that day. And from those contacts, we were able to visit a few during the week end and that was really good!
I did not have any reactions to the dog bite, just a nice bruise. Thankfully. And I had a fear of dogs that lasted for about a week and a half.
I don`t really like being the senior companion because it means I am in charge of the phone and I have to give reports nightly. Mostly I just don`t like being in charge of the phone because I can`t understand people completely through the phone. 
My companion is from the state of Mexico. She is super awesome. She`s a convert and is the same age as me. We get along really well, which is nice. Her name is Hermana Benitez.
I am really excited for this area. We have a lot of work to do but we can do it. We put two baptismal dates this week for a mom and her daughter and they are super excited for their baptism, too. The only thing that the mom has wondered is if she knows enough. And this is something a lot fo people wonder, actually. And it is something that I love about the gospel. We don`t need to know it all. We just have to know enough and have a testimony and then the rest of the knowledge will come, bit by bit, and when we are ready. 
I love you mom!
Hermana Blackham

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