Sunday, April 10, 2016

February 15, 2016

Hola Mamá!
First of all, no I do not have your package yet. However, I FINALLY got the letter from Sister Tyler! So the letters without the #7010 will get to me, I just don´t know when. The mail in Mexico is crazy. I honestly will let you know once I get the package. It is a little frustrating to me too how long it takes. Haha. But it's okay. I'll get it when I get it and I will treasure it once I get it.
It is so weird to me that so many people younger than I am are getting/have gotten married. I am still with Hermana Teisina and I am still in my same area! At the end of this transfer that will mean 6 months in the same area! I think that I am only going to have three areas in total in my mission. Haha. Which is good because it means not a lot of moving, but I like change! Haha.
At church, we usually arrive about 5-10 minutes early. We have one progressing investigator who is actually going to get baptized this Saturday! YAY!!!! Church is from 9-12 and there is only one other ward that attends the same building as us. Which it is actually kind of rare to have more than one ward in the same building. There was much confusion for the Mexicans the first Sunday. Haha. 
Right now, we are teaching only a few people. Estamos trabajando en levantado el area ahora. PERO! Tenemos una familia! And the husband´s name is Marco Polo. And no I am not kidding. Haha. 
Street contacts are always interesting. Usually we use a pass along card, and a lot of people give us adresses that don´t exist! Which is super frustrating! But that is okay.
The good news, is that you only have to miss me for one more year! Exactly! Haha. In 365 days I will be able to give you a big hug!
Something intersting for you! This week the Pope is coming to Juarez and will visit my area. Or, at least, he will be walking/driving through my area. And it is estimated that about 2 MILLION people will be traveling to Juarez. That does not include people from El Paso. But starting tomorrow at 5, we have to be in the house. And we are in the house until Thursday at 5. So that is 48 hours of needing to be in the casa. I will tell you how that goes next week. But yeah. Va a ser una causa.
I love you mom!
Hermana Blackham

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