Sunday, April 10, 2016

February 7, 2016

My address for letters is:
Avenida Ramón Rivera Lara #7010
Fraccionamiento Las Acequias
32617 Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua
I firmly agree with that quote by President Hinckley. I have litterally fallen in love with the scriptures on my mission. I have learned SO much from the Book of Mormon it is insane. I've commented on this before but really, reading the scriptures in Spanish allows me to rediscover them. As an avid reading, I sometimes wish that I can re-read a book for the first time and have the same feelings and with the Book of Mormon, I can do that!
I love that story of the little girl. Because sometimes we feel that small with the things that we have to do (me in the mission and you with getting ready to move), but if we hold on to our Heavenly Father, we can do anything. We really can´t comprehend that literally, we can do ANYTHING with the Lord, and with Heavenly Father. We just have to ask. There have been many times that I need help in the precise moment that I am praying, and I recieve that help. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, just say a prayer and ask for peace. You'll recieve it. God is waiting for us to pray so that He can bless us.
Thanks for telling me about Nonnie. I'll be praying especially for her this week that the stitches can hold :)
I love you mom! Happy Valentines Day!
Hermana Blackham

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