Sunday, April 10, 2016

Novemeber 2, 2015

Hola Mi Madre!

I did realize that some of my letter was in Spanish. Haha. That was for two reasons. One was that on the computers, it marks anything in English in red because the computers think in Spanish. The other is because sometimes it is just easier to write in Spanish! I don't know if I have a phrase that I say all the time in Spanish, probably just esta bien. I swear that is my phrase. Pero, esta bien. Haha.

This week was interesting. On Monday, one of the other hermanas in my district got really sick on Monday during our district meeting. And we had to get a ride with a member to get her to a doctor. But it made me grateful that I have had to take care of Nonnie so much because I may not understand Spanish but I know how to care for sick people. Then on Tuesday something was wrong with my stomach. After lunch I had to come home. But, because the other Hermana was also sick, we just had an exchange and the other two went out to go to an appointment. 

I can't really think of anything special that happened other than the baptism on Saturday. That was really cool to witness and be a part of. My companion and I made cup cakes and that was interesting. Haha. And just the whole experience was really cool. I think my favorite scripture for the week is D&C 24:7-8. You should go read it :)

I'm on  my second run through of the Book of Mormon and I love it! It is seriously my favorite book ever and I am getting SO much out of it. I am currently in Chapter 4 of Jesus the Christ, and  I really like that book also!

Hermana Blackham

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