Sunday, April 10, 2016

November 30, 2015

This first part is a response to Mom's question about allergies to detergent that Hermana Blackham has always suffered her entire life) My skin is doing good. And that is one of the biggest miracles of all on this mission. They don't have detergent  here that is for sensitive skin, and I haven't had problems with that at all. I'm not having eczema problems, thank goodness! 

Thanksgiving was different for me this year. Haha. My companion and I went to a recent convert's house for dinner which was cool. So I had a thanksgiving dinner, it just wasn't like it usually was. Thanksgiving was really hard for me and I wasn't expecting that. But anytime I started to feel sad, I started to think about everyone that I had to visit during the day. I thought about everyone except for you guys and my own wants. And little by little the day got better. 

(This part is in regards to some hymns we sent for Hermana Blackham to listen to) I love the music! And I was able to listen to it for a day before my companion informed me that she didn't know if we could listen to it. So I looked up the rules for the mission and it turns out they need to be in the original disc. Don't feel bad though because it is totally my fault, I didn't read the rules all the way through. And who knows, maybe my next president will let us listen to cds that aren't original. But I was able to listen to it for a day and that made my week :) It was actually really hard for me to put the CD's away. And it kind of feels like everything that will help me is being taken away from me. But I still have the scriptures and I still have prayer. And we have a CD of the hymns that I can listen to. But it is still hard. But I am going to obey the rules. And just looking at the CDs makes me happy :) I can sacrifice listening to music that I like. I'm learning that the things that are the hardest to do, if we do it, help us the most. They help us grow and they help us have a better understanding of who we are.

OH! Also, I can use Facebook during the month of December. But only to post things about Christmas and videos from the Church. So don't worry when you see that I posted something on FB. :) I can't do anything on fb other than post the videos. I can't even check my notifications, even though I can see that I have them. Haha. That will drive me crazy. 

I love you!

Hermana Blackham

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