Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 14, 2016

My first week here was amazing, and I loved it, but I have transfers again this week! Haha. But that's okay because I am staying in Casas Grandes, and in the same ward, and everything, just to the other area in the ward. I live in a pueblo. It is actually called Pueblo. Haha. But I love it. I am walking SO much and it is up and down hill and there are almost no paved sidewalks and I feel like I am living in the forest a little bit. But I love it. And I am super happy that I am not going to be changing too much. I am going to be opening (or white washing) the area, and I am going to be a senior companion! That will be interesting because it is still a little hard for me to understand people of the phone. 
As for feeling like the Savior was carrying me, honestly speaking, has been these last six months. From the time that I came to Juarez until I came to Casas Grandes. There were so many things that were hard for me, emotionally, mentally, and physically. A mission is just really hard. But I have learned on a very personal level how aware of us Heavenly Father is. There have been days where I just felt like giving up and like I just wasn't cut out to be a misionary. And every. Single. Time. that I felt like that, there was a scripture that talking about how the Lord will qualify those who He calls. It was the love that I felt from the Lord that has helped me keep going. And this is the thing about the Lord carrying us through our burdens. It does not mean they go away, or that they get easier even, it just means that you can just feel the support of the Lord, which makes it easier. 
Adventures of the week/Spanish with Hermana Blackham
morder- to bite. As in I got bit by a dog this week. We were walking to our mission leader's home for correlation meeting. And these dogs started barking and following us (that is not unnatural). But then one of the dogs came up on the side of me and bit me! It didn't break the skin, so that is good, but I definitely have a good bruise from it. 
mayonesa- mayonnaise. As in Hna. Clark and I found chipotle maynaisse this week and it was fantastic. We literally ate it like everyday and came up with a new invention every day.

I love you Mom! Send my love to Nonnie also and to Poppie and to everyone there! 
Hermana Blackham
P.S. I have a new address in Texas that I know for sure works because my companion recieves packages and her parents send it to this address. It is: 

Hermana Elyse Blackham
Mexico Ciudad Juarez Mission
1410 Gail Borden Ste B-4
El Paso, Texas 79935

(if you want to send a letter first to try it out I would love to recieve a hand written letter) :) Love you!

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