Sunday, April 10, 2016

February 21, 2016

 I really kind of can't believe that I have finished another week. Especially because this week felt like it was three weeks. Haha. I like staying in the house for like three hours and then no because we have nothing to do!
The baptism went really good! We told everyone that we were going to start at 3:30, and they didn´t even start to show up until around 4. We didn´t start until 4:30. Haha. The baptism was for Hermana Blanca, and we contacted her around Christmas time. It has been really cool being apart of her conversion. She was ready from the beginning to be baptized. 
We found Marco Polo knocking on doors. He answered the door and then we showed him the Proclomation of the family and he said that we could come back. Finding new people is honestly the hardest thing on the mission. Especially in my area right now. It's starting to get hotter so that helps but starting in like November, everyone is always in their houses so it is a little hard to contact. Basically we have to talk to anyone that we see to have contacts every day. HAha.
We did not leave the house when the Pope was here. But leading up to the Pope was interesting because the city fixed the roads and the street signs but only in the path that the Pope passed by. Haha. There were literally millions of dollars spent to make the city ready for the Pope. Who was here for ONE DAY. But yeah. Other than that all was normal. 
Also I'm pretty sure for the first few weeks that I am home I will be following you around everywhere so plan on that! haha :)
I love you mom!
Tenga un buen semana!
Hermana Blackham

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