Sunday, April 10, 2016

November 9, 2015

Thank you for telling me about your life at home. Haha :) It makes it easier for me to know what is going on, even if you just tell me that you made brownies or some kind of fun dinner for the week :)
I dind´t really get to experience dia de los muertes porque fue en mi dia de la preparacion. haha. But next year I might! It also just might not be as big of a deal here. Who knows. My companion right now is Hermana Herrera and she is from El Salvador.
This week not much happened. Again. Haha. The most interesting thing was my companion had a meeting at the offices and so I had an extra like three hours of study because there wasn't another hermana that I could go on exchanges with. But that was totally fine with me! I loved the extra time that I had to study. And I wish that I had enough time to write all of my insights down because I also love talking about what I have learned and I can't quite do that very well in Spanish yet. But that is okay. I will get there eventually! One thing that I learned from study this week is from Alma 49:8 which says something about the Nephites being prepared for the Lamanites in such a way that had never before been seen among the children of Lehi. And that was cool because I realized that we needed to be prepared against the devil and against temptation now in a way that the world has never before seen. We need to strengthen our faith and our devotion to God in such a way that it is not possible for the enemy to get anywhere near us.
So when I got my mission call to Ciudad Juarez, I thought that it would be hot. And it was. For my first two weeks. Haha. But then a cold front came in and never left. I keep thinking of the temperature back at home and being confused as to why it isn't that hot here. It is sometimes literally freezing! (Okay, probably not literally but it gets really cold). Especially when it is windy and in the morning/night time. Next week Hermana Herrera and I are going to go shopping so that I can get some winter clothes.
Also this week, I ran into someone that I met that first weekend here in Juarez (and we all know that was not a good weekend for me). And that was really cool. She said that she almost didn't recognize me because I was speaking Spanish, and I had a completely different demeanor about me. She said I looked more confident and happy and oh how right she was!
I love you! And hope you have a good week :) Keep on keeping on and remember that you are awesome!
Hermana Blackham

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