Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 7, 2016

This week was a little bit crazy for me too! I was still in the trio this week and it is a lot of fun to be in a trio. It really makes it a lot more fun. But then, on Saturday, we got a call in the morning that I was going to be transferred to Casas Grandes, in the area of Pueblo! I had to pack everything in like 45 minutes. That was absolutely crazy. And it turns out that the car to take me to the offices didn`t even arrive until like 2. Haha. But that is okay. I was in the offices for an hour and then I was taken to the bus stop and took a bus to Casas Grandes! I was all by myself traveling which was totally fine. It`s weird that I didn`t feel stressed out during the ride. And when I arrived at the bus stop in Casas Grandes, my companion wasn`t there yet because the bus was a little early but there were other members there that waited with me until I my companion arrived. The Lord is aware of everyone and of their needs and He knows how to help in the best way possible.

So, I am now in a new area. And I love it. I feel like I am actually in Mexico now. My companion is Hermana Clark, and she is from Colorado. She has two more months than I do. This area is beautiful and my favorite thing is that I can see the stars at night now! So yay!

As for Nonnie, I don't know what to say. (Her grandmother is really sick) All I know is that God is in charge and with whatever happens, it is was needs to happen. 

I love you, too Mom. 
Have a good week!
Hermana Blackham

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