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Decmeber 14, 2015

Mi Querido Mama-cita :)

The songs have to be original disc tabernacle choir haha.
It kind of makes me sad that I won't ever see another VVHS choir concert haha. Pero está bien. Haha. That phrase, está bien, is my phrase. I literally say it like 50 times a day. That and no importa.

This week was kind of weird. On tuesday we had a meeting at the offices for all of the sister missionaries in the mission. It was about how to dress and make up and all that stuff. And there is a hermana who knows how to cut hair so I got my hair cut (for free!) Yay! Haha. But, during the meeting, Elders came in with the President and later at night we went Christmas carroling with the youth. It wasn't in my area, but in the area of other Hermanas in my district. And that was fun. Haha. It was as close as I am going to get to knocking on doors for references. Haha.

I'm realizing how humbling it is to be called to serve a mission and also how aware God is of both your weaknesses and your strengths, and how He can make  a weakness into a strength. As you well know, I had a hard first few weeks in the mission. And I still don't know why it was so hard for me but I am grateful that it was so that I can help others who go through hard times also. There is an Hermana here that is having a hard time and I've been talking with her to kind of help her through it all. And it is because of my hard time that I am able to help her and give her tips and be able to talk to her. We are called to do things in life that are not easy, and sometimes it feels down right impossible. But God qualifies who He calls and blesses them to accomplish it in the best way. All we have to do is submit our will to His. And this goes for every calling in the church, not just for missionaries. 

The ward is a little different. Haha. But it's more of a cultural difference. Almost all of the members are converts. Which is kind of cool and different that what I am used to. They pass the sacrament a little bit differently and they give their talks a little bit differently and its just different. Not wrong at all, just different. 

Shopping is normal, just like going to safeway or to the mall. The only time it is crazy is when we go to central (which we are doing today!). And yes, I was able to buy a jacket! Thank goodness! The weather is cold and then warm and then freezing and then warm. Haha. It was raining on Saturday and that was fun but also a little annoying. You never quite know what to expect. 

Also, I sing songs from Tarzan like daily. Haha. 

(In response to Skyping on Christmas) Okay, I will call Nonnie and Poppie then. I still don't know all of the details and I probably won't know until the day of. So I can't really give you a secure time either. But don't worry, it will all work out! :)

Also, I have loved the 12 Days of Christmas gifts (The Christmas package we sent to her) :) I opened day three today (the gum).

I love you mom! And I can't wait to talk to you! 
hermana Blackham

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